Daniel Diskin

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Daniel Diskin is an associate attorney. Daniel’s work at the Garfield Law Group encompasses appellate litigation and work on complex matters. He has handled appeals filed with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and in federal court, motions to reopen based on new evidence, andEB-1 applications on behalf of artists with extraordinary ability.

Daniel combines a detail-oriented approach with thorough legal research. A particular focus of his work has been appeals brought by asylum applicants from Eritrea that raises issues with respect to Eritrea’s mandatory national service. He has also handled appeals filed on behalf of victims of female genital mutilation. Daniel has acquired expertise with respect to a wide variety of legal issues that arise in appellate litigation, including: persecutory motive; social group membership; credibility findings; denial of asylum in the exercise of discretion; timeliness of asylum applications; and eligibility for withholding of removal as well as relief under the Convention Against Torture.

Danielhas achieved several successful outcomes in cases on which he has worked. For example, he prepared a brief in a case on appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in which the government declined to file a response brief. Instead, the government agreed that the case should be remanded—a rare occurrence. As a result, the client received a new hearing and was ultimately granted asylum. Daniel has also prepared motions to reopen based on new evidence of country conditions that the BIA granted. The decisions by the BIA to provide clients with an opportunity for a new hearing in these cases were based on legal arguments that Daniel carefully crafted.

Daniel has also been successful in obtaining approval of EB-1 applications documenting clients’ extraordinary ability by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).Danielhas carefully worked with applicants to prepare submissions that include letters of support and other evidence of extraordinary ability. For example, Daniel worked on a case on behalf of a Korean-American musician that necessitated documentation of excellence in multiple artistic subfields. He also successfully handled an EB-1 application on behalf of an Egyptian writer living overseas that involved working with the client to obtain documentation ofthe applicant’s career path.

Danielis a memberof the State Bar of California, andhas been admitted to practice law since 2010. He holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizonaand an LL.M. from George Washington University. Hewas in the top 25% of his law school class at the University of Arizona, graduating cum laude, and was also a member of the Arizona Law Review.He wrote a student note addressing the ability of foreign claimants to seek monetary compensation forhuman rights abusesunder the “Alien Tort Statute,” which the Arizona Law Reviewpublished.Danielcompleted his undergraduate studies at Carleton College, graduatingcum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in political science.