C.R. (Sierra Leone)

I had been struggling with an immigration issue for almost 20 years when a friend recommended the Garfield Law Group. I had consulted with several attorneys over the years and spent thousands of dollars with no resolution in sight. I had assumed my situation was impossible to resolve until I consulted with David and Paulos.
The Garfield Law Group worked diligently on my case, collecting all existing immigration files on my case dating back 20 years. I was completely surprised at their process and the emphasis to understand my situation before proceeding, and recommending a solution that would work best for my situation. David and Paulos worked tirelessly on my case and I can assure you that they resolved it in less than a year!!

I honestly believe that the Garfield Law Group is one of the best (if not the best) because of their years of good reputation and honesty. Years of good reputation and honesty make a difference in reaching agreements with ICE.
I was so impressed with them that I have personally recommended the Garfield Law Group to family and dear friends. Each person I have sent to them has had their “impossible” immigration issues resolved successfully. I am eternally grateful for their services, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone with immigration issues.