E.B. (Ethiopia)

I came to know Mr. David Garfield when i was helpless and every thing seemed to be gloomy.
He is one of the best Attorney i ever seen in my life. He dedicated his time time& energy to listen all
my story when i met him the first time and helped me through difficult time.He is helpful for immigrants
who left their loved ones behind and became citizens of now here in search of identify.

His litigation skills are not only limited to his quality of being critical thinker & analytical but he is aware
of the history, culture and psychological makeup of the region in particular Eritrea and Ethiopia too.
Mr. David is known for his assistance who are extremely desperate immigrants and that’s why he become the best popular attorney in the Metropolitan area.

I recommend Mr. Garfield, hence, to those who need peace, love and understanding as an immigrant and
achieve their dreams come true in this land opportunities.