K.K (Iran)

I would like to briefly explain how David Garfield and his team were able to reinstate my Green Card which was suspended by INS.

I obtained my Green Card in 2004. Shortly after, I left US for Iran in order to take care of my elderly mother who had developed serious health problems. As my mother’s health deteriorated, I stayed in Iran for almost nine years. During this time, I visited United States every six months in order to keep my Green Card valid. However, each time I had to return to Iran after a few weeks in order to be with my mother.

After my mothers death in 2011, I returned to US. Upon my arrival at Dulles Airport, my Green Card was detained by INS for having been outside the US for too long. I was devastated and felt hopeless about being able to get my Green Card back.

I started contacting different Immigration Lawyers which were recommended to me by friends and who had the reputation of being among the best in Washington DC. I interviewed some in person and some by telephone. Most of the lawyers that I contacted thought that my case was unusual and weak. In one meeting, a lawyer who had successfully defended a similar case before advised me that my case was extremely weak and not defensible.

I was referred to David Garfield by a close high school friend whom I’ve known for almost forty years. David had successfully obtained Permanent Residence status for my friend and his parents whose cases were also complex.

The first impressive sign that I noticed about David and his team was that they paid detail attention to every event in my life since I had entered US as a student in 1977. After examining all the details, David and his team recommended a “strategy” to me based on presentable facts. I was concerned that I may not have enough evidence to support my case but with David and his team’s guidance I was able to search and find medical, academic and other official documents which we eventually submitted along with my case as evidence. My case came to 457 pages.

Although the total number of hours which David and his team spent in researching, strategizing and organizing my case were much more than the initial estimate, they did not charge me for the additional hours. Throughout the case, we had regular and clear communication between us which reassured me that David’s team was on top of the case and we were continuing in the right direction.

In my opinion, the factors which led to the success of my case were, the in-depth understanding of intricate details of my case by my lawyer, research and development of our defense “strategy”, experience of my lawyer and most importantly David Garfield’s reputation for representing difficult but defensible cases.

I can confidently say that if you are choosing David and his team as your INS attorney you are making a very good decision.

Thank you David, Paulos, Catherine and Company