I hold the office of Garfield Law Firm in high regards. My lawyer spent a great deal of time and expertise to make sure I completed my immigration forms and they were being accepted before moving on to the next step after failed attempts by other lawyers. I had no green card for over 21 years and when the time came for my child to file for me because I finally qualified; Mr. Garfield and the firm did not waste any time. They did everything possible to make sure all of my concerns were addressed.

They erased all of my fears rational as well as irrational of not becoming a green card holder. My green card application was finally approved. To conclude, it took only 5 months from the date my application was filed to the time I received my green card. Garfield law firm is very professional, and I can assure you that you will have excellent services. I would definitely recommend Garfield Law Firm to anyone seeking immigration help.Their guidance made the whole process more efficient and less stressful than it would have been. God is so good, after so many years of struggling God sent one of his angels to come and help me.

God bless you Mr. David Garfield and Garfield Law Firm.